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What Makes Working with Dr. Jacqui Different?

The effectiveness, productivity, and success of any organization is directly related to the collective as well as the personal well-being in the workplace. 

As a Professional Coach and Consultant, I possess both executive coaching skills and transformational leadership skills helping people to further improve their lives. 

As an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, I provide organizational leadership support to those who have experienced a significant loss of any kind and desire to rediscover themselves and build organizations. This is especially essential in the re-imagining and re-igniting of organizational teams and structures. due to the coronavirus. I use the proven processes of The Grief Recovery Method; providing guidance, tools, and action choices. You will be assisted in discovering and completing what was left emotionally incomplete. Open-mindedness, honesty, and commitment allow you to move through the unresolved grief, heartbreak (brokenness) to resting in a place of peace, joy, and completeness! 


As a Mental Health Professional with more than 35 years of experience as a counselor, clinical supervisor, and treatment program administrator, I employ the evidence-based Cognitive Therapeutic Community modality.


I assist organizations, companies, and churches in setting up executive coaching through social learning theories; developing and engineering Communities of Transformational Leaders and Communities of Kingdom Leaders.

I specialize in helping business and ministry leaders build bridges through community and accountability to impact, connect and advance in becoming more:

  • Realistic

  • Relevant

  • Relational

The JacLovelle Group looks forward to providing consulting services to meet the challenges of 21st-century leaders, managers, and administrators; inclusive of …

  • Effective Team-building

  • Cultural and Generational Issues

  • Developing Relevant Skills

  • Leading Change

  • Motivating Employees

  • Managing Stakeholders

Cultivating Seeds of Greatness: The Consulting Process

  1. Clearing the Land- Creating a Judgement Free Listening Zone

  2. Uncovering Dormant Seeds – Gathering Information with untainted eyes

  3. Soil Sample Analysis – Discerning the Causes of the Symptoms

  4. Sowing Seeds & Watering – Recommending ways to promote growth in the organization, the process, and the culture based on the findings

  5. Preparing for Harvest – Advocating for Change

  6. Reaping the Harvest – Assisting with the implementation of the Recommendations

  7. Landscaping - Following Up as needed; enhancing and adding features for beautification

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Maxwell Church Consulting

An arm of The JacLovelle Group


"Taking Your Ministry to the Next Level"

From a spiritual perspective, Dr. Jacqui’ admonishes that our “Kingdom Assignment” requires a personal transformation - stretching beyond the comfort zone of “tradition” with intentional obedience to a higher calling.

Married to Dr. Lovelle A. Maxwell, Jr., a 4th generational pastor; Dr. Jacqui’ has a heart for Pastors, Pastor’s Wives and ministry leaders developing healthy spiritual disciplines.


Alongside her husband who is the Founder/CEO of Maxwell Church Consulting, LLC; The Maxwells partner with ministries promoting the necessity of holistic self-care in servant leaders.

Church Music/Choir Workshops

Biblical Financial Stewardship

Male Mentoring

Grief Counseling


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