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- Conference Planner, Workshop Presenter

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Have Dr. Jacqui’ Speak for Your Event!

Through her wisdom, sincerity, and humor, Dr. Jacqui’ brings an empowering message of “H” ~ Humility, Healing, Hope, and Honor! Her transparency and authenticity resonate in the hearts of her audience; ultimately transforming lives! A gifted exhorter and a compassionate motivator, Dr. Jacqui’ is known for inspiring and engaging her audience.

Dr. Jacqui’ is gifted in joining value-based principles with evidenced based practices and practical application. She will admonish you to push through adversities, illuminate those “dark secret places” and boldly walk in your purpose!


Dr. Jacqui’ is a sought-after communicator on a broad range of topics inclusive of but not limited to:


  • Grief & Loss

  • Teamwork/Community Building/Team Building

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Communication Skills

  • Professional Development

  • Organizational Culture (Gender, Generational)

  • Faith-based/Spiritual Leadership



She has presented and facilitated groups nationally and internationally at workshops, conferences, retreats, experiential trainings, and ministry leadership events.

Dr. Jacqui’ is passionately in tune with how the ends (your professional and personal goals) will be achieved by the means (your strengths and resources). As a Transformational Leader and an Organizational Leadership Coach, Dr. Jacqui’ will tailor the content of her presentation to meet your unique, specific needs.


"Dr. Jacqui's ability to communicate how to become a better leader is electrifying! At the completion of her presentation, I realized my title is unimportant, my call to serve comes first.


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