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Dr. Jacquelin White Maxwell is Founder and Coaching Executive Officer (CEO) of JacLovelle Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC. Her company focuses on provoking good leaders to leaders of excellence; surpassing socioeconomic, ethnic, generational and denominational barriers. This is achieved through transformational leadership across several areas: Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Executive and Entrepreneur Coaching, Servant Leadership, Building a Community of Leaders, and Organizational Consulting. Dr. Jacqui's niche also includes professional one-on-one coaching ONLINE or face to face..


Dr. Maxwell has an earned Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree from Regent University School of Business & Leadership (formerly School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship). Earning an applied multidisciplinary terminal degree has equipped her in addressing 21st century organizational needs of building successful teams while developing effective, sustainable leaders.


Dr. Jacqui’ has more than 35 years of experience in the field of human services; collaborating and building lasting partnerships across disciplines. Dr. Jacqui’ has been referred as an Empowerment Specialist and a Professional Life Coach, presenting to audiences who desire a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

I motivate people to push through adversities, eradicate misspoken labels of impossibilities, and face the staggering impact of destiny incompleteness--- generated by GRIEF & LOSS! This can be achieved by connecting through various offerings:  Grief

Recovery, Life Coaching,  Motivational Speaking,  and Leadership Consulting.


Whether leading, managing, parenting, pastoring, or even following; what was previously labeled as inconceivable possibilities will explode into your irrefutable PURPOSE!


The time is NOW ---

JacLovelle Coaching & Consulting Group is committed to uniting with you as you to…


  • name what you want; your dreams

  • speak life into yourself

  • celebrate and emulate champions

  • declare what is already yours

  • be coachable and teachable


…while crossing unimaginable thresholds into YOUR destiny! 

""He heals the brokenhearted binds up their wounds."  Psalm 147:3

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